Since I was 8 years old, I have been in love with the boy band New Kids on the Block. Yes, I am a Blockhead. I have went to numerous concerts, owned all kinds of merchandise, raised money for Remember Betty (Danny Wood’s charity in remembrance of his mother who died of breast cancer) ,and even met a member of the band. – side note I have touched them all, and it was glorious- Going along with this love of all things NKOTB, I knew I had to watch Wahlburgers when it premiered.

For those who don’t know, Wahlburgers is a tv show focusing on Donnie and Mark’s brother Paul who is a chef and created the Wahlburgers restaurants. They all feature on the show along with their mother and childhood friends.

I have wanted to go to the restaurant forever. There were no locations near us in Pittsburgh ,unfortunately, so I had to wait and hope. I found a location in Vegas but ,due to timing, it just didn’t work out. Lo and behold, about 6 months or so ago it was announced that Pittsburgh would be the location for one of the upcoming restaurants!

Today was the day I finally got to go. My bestie Kris and I headed to The Block at Northway ( in a little sense of irony) on McKnight Road. The restaurant was bustling with people which led to an hour wait time and gave off the atmosphere of a sports bar with multiple tv’s (one of which was showing Wahlburgers of course), and pictures of the family all around.

There was a sign that nobody seemed to read that said during peak times you could order food to go. Kris and I quickly took advantage of that and ordered food to eat at one of the three tables outside of the restaurant.

I ordered the classic “Our” burger which is Paul’s favorite. Kris ordered Mom’s sloppy Joes which was an open faced sloppy joe in a bowl on buttered bread with Wahl sauce, house made pickles and onion straws. We split an order of onion rings which they really should just call onion strings. A vanilla cupcake from a local bakery was our dessert.

The burger was good overall, but nothing remarkable. I could eat it again, but definitely not the best burger I’ve ever had. The sloppy joe on the other hand was delicious. It was flavorful and all of the ingredients complimented each other. It was a nice comfort meal. Kris said she would absolutely get it again. I took a bite and agree with that.

We really enjoyed our experience there. The staff was very friendly and helpful especially the hosts. The food is a little pricey, but no more so than a Red Robin or Burgatory. There were a few other items on the menu that caught my eye for next time. I look forward to getting to try something new. I am eagerly awaiting news for when the Grand Opening will be. A few of the Wahlburgers are going to be on hand to celebrate it. So you know I’ll be there! Happy Eating!

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